Food Donation Guidelines

Thank you for considering a donation of food to Forgotten Harvest. We are a perishable food rescue program that collects food from a variety of food donors and distributes that food in refrigerated trucks to social service agencies. For rmore information, please call Larry Weber, Food Donor Relations Manager,at Forogtten Harvest 248.298.3427 For a printable version of this page, please click here

Benefits of Food Donations:

• Convenient, no cost pick-ups

• Savings in storage, inventory, transportation and dumping costs

• Donation receipt showing weight by product category

• Tax incentive: businesses can deduct an amount equal to the cost of donated items plus 50% of the difference between cost and market value

Many reasons why companies choose to donate, including:

• Produce too big or small for supermarket standards

• Unharvested or imperfect produce

• Date Codes

• Overproduction

• Production flaws

• Mislabelled or unlabelled product – “brights” can be accepted with verification of ingredients

• Pack change or reformulations

• Cosmetic packaging damages

• Shipping errors

• Deliveries that are not accepted and cannot be returned cost-effectively

• Product samples or test market items

For Food Criteria (click here for a food donation guideline chart)

• In general, we accept perishable donations from commercial or licensed food facilities only.

• We accept dry or canned food; however to maximize use of our refrigerated trucks, we encourage donations of strictly non-perishable items to a social service agency or food drive.

Pick-up Criteria

To make the best use of our trucks:

• We will gladly accept food donations of 50 lbs or more, but a minimum of 100 lbs is preferred.

• Ideally, the food should be packed, ready and accessible for pick-up upon the driver’s arrival.

• Pick-up locations should be within the Wayne, Oakland & Macomb Tri-county area.

•Alternate arrangements may be made for donations that do not meet the above criteria - please call us to inquire.

Pick-up Arrangements

• Please call our Food Donor Relations Manager, Larry Weber at 248.298.3427 or via e-mail

Regularly scheduled pick-ups: If you know that you will have a sufficient quantity of food to donate on a regular basis, we can arrange daily, weekly or monthly pick-ups for our frequent donors.

As needed pick-ups: Generally within 24 hours. While we may be able to make a same day pick up if called in early enough, further advance notice, if possible, is much appreciated.

Please note: pick-up times cannot be guaranteed due to circumstances beyond our control such as unscheduled call-ins or traffic. In the event that we cannot make a pick-up, we will notify you to make alternate arrangements.

Food Donor Satisfaction Survey

Food donors, please take a moment to fill out our satisfaction survey to help us improve our services: Food Donor Satisfaction Survey






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