Agency Hunger Study

The information gathered from this study will allow Feeding America and Forgotten Harvest to advocate for more resources and food for agencies like yours.

The Agency Survey can be completed online anytime between now and December 14, 2012.  A training webinar, as well as other supporting materials to assist you in completing the Agency Survey, are available online. Please review these resources before starting the Agency Survey.

How to Access the Agency Survey: 

To find your agency ID, click here

Go to the website for Hunger in America 2014 –

Click the “Agency Survey” tab.

Click the link to “Complete Agency Survey”.

Click “Enter”.

You can now begin completing the Agency Survey.

The first screen will display a chart describing different types of partners Feeding America works with and the various terms they use to describe their services.  This chart is intended to serve as a reference to you and provide definitions for the different programs you will be asked about in the survey.  Please review this chart, and the survey instructions that follow, carefully before continuing.

If you have any questions please contact Darryl Anderson at 248.967.1500 ext. 117

Member of Feeding America